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Revolutions happen once in a life time.
This is one of them.

NRX™ is a mechanical attachment and reinforcement system
for a wide variety of materials, such as concrete, wood, glass and fibers.
It’s economical, light weight and strong.

Suddenly something that seemed impossible is now within your reach.

NRX™ can help your product go from concept to production through increasing manufacturing efficiency, eliminating design constraints or reducing material cost. NRX™ is the not only the last piece of the puzzle, it is the one you were looking for.

NRX Stacked

What is NRX™.

The innovative new NRX™ material is thin gauge sheet metal with thousands of formed hooks. This allows for other materials to mechanically bond with NRX™ providing durability with or without
the use of adhesives. Acting like “Velcro from metal” it distributes the attachment load over a wide area and many contact points.
The benefits? Stronger. Lighter. More cost effective products.

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NRX™ layers

Attach & Reinforce.
Endless applications.

NRX can attach and reinforce different materials creating stronger and lighter composites. Enhance your materials with less weight, higher strength, and stronger durability.

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Metal hook X-factor


The X-factor is the powerful arrangement of the hooks that allows NRX™ metals to grip onto other sheets or materials to form strong and enduring composite and laminate bonds that are versatile, lightweight, recyclable and cost effective.

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Coiled metal composite laminate manufacturing

Cost Effective Production.

Highly manufacturable, NRX™, can be processed at a rate of over
5 meters per minute, In the press, on any coiled metal from 0.3 mm to 10 mm thick, NRS hooks are consistently formed, as an integral part of the base metal.

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